If you've got two bucks and sixty four cents of sense a day, you can become a free and sovereign individual with a game plan to...

Dear Friend,

My name is Kyle Trouble, and I've spent the last decade of my life fighting and trying to make sense of "The System".

I believe that modern men have the deck stacked against them, the current system and regime is woefully unjust (life is not fair, but the way things currently work are not just), and that those who have the cajones should take drastic options before they have their freedoms yanked away even more than they already are.

It's why I've created a paid newsletter called:

"The Sovereign Press"

The name is simple, succulent, and to the point.

Simply put, the "good old days" of going to college, working a 9-5, buying a house, having a few kids, and then living out the golden years...

Yeah, those days are gone.

Reason why is simple:

"They" lied about it all.

These days, people graduate with six figures in debt, with a gut-wrenching and soul-sucking job, the choices for dating are abysmal, and the children are taught Communist-esque propaganda from drag queens when they're 5 years old. Like I said in the headline, it seems people need a good 'ol smack on the noggin' to wake up...

That is the goal of "The Sovereign Press".

To break you out of this system as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In this electronic newsletter, conveniently delivered to your electronic door every month (a.k.a. that email thing that none of the cool kids use anymore), I'll teach you the methods, systems, business methods and strategies, and other steps I'm using to give myself and my family as much sovereignty, freedom, and options as I can possibly manage into the 2020s and beyond. These methods are tried, true, and I've figured them out by being in the trenches, living abroad, and building online businesses and income streams since 2013.

Honestly, as the world continues to lose it's mind between COVID, more Russia and China hysteria, and with the White House Press Secretary herself recommending Americans, "Go to kickboxing class and have a margarita", the real question is, can you afford not to take some steps to protect yourself from them?

Here's the deal:

"The Sovereign Press" is not for "normies".

It is expensive, and the topics of discussion are designed to be implemented with ruthless speed, precision, and efficiency. 

If you are the type of person who frets and sweats their $3/day coffee in order to "save money", you are probably not the type of person for the newsletter. However, if you are motivated to build your life of freedom and sovereignty, it may be for you, my little troubles...

Each issue is packed with ideas, strategies, and tactics designed to help you build your life of freedom. Whether it be marketing ideas, cultural shifts, or the own strategies and tactics I'm using in my various businesses, my goal is for you to be awaiting the new issue every month like a kid on Christmas. Ready to rip 'er open and immediately have something you can take action on.

Kyle dispenses wisdom in a way that's easy-to-read and relatable. His writing style is accessible and familiar - you almost feel like you know him - his struggles, his triumphs, his experiences--through reading his essays. I highly recommend his works, which are insightful, funny, and full of good information.

Tyler Cook

And that's not all...

As membership comes with quite a few more goodies.


Unlimited email coaching & consulting with me. You can ask me any questions about online business, cryptocurrency (I did buy my first Bitcoin back in 2013...), dating/culture, life abroad in a foreign country, marketing, social media, or anything else I'm qualified to answer (and if I'm not I'll tell you). I'm also not picky, you can send these same questions via Twitter DM or my Telegram channel if you prefer. Very few people have access to me on this level.

One 15 minute phone call per month. On the checkout page itself you'll be given a calendar link to book your call with me. You'll receive an email confirmation, and I'll call you at that day and time. You can also "stack" these calls for up to 4 months - meaning you can wait 4 months and then have a 1 hour call with me.

Exclusive discounts on my other products and services. I give steeper discounts on my other books, courses, and products to newsletter subscribers than I do anywhere else (including a massive discount available right after purchase).

First access to freelancing opportunities that come my way. My blog at its peak had nearly 2 million readers a year. I've also sent daily emails to my email list for nearly 5 years. I've also lived in Ukraine for 5 years. Point is, I've built a lot of connections over this time. People are often looking for people to hire to grow their business, or freelance work, and I don't often take it. Opportunities first go to subscribers. None of these are guaranteed and are often random, so don't cop a subscription just for this.

Dibs on opportunities in Ukraine. Yes, you heard that right. My lawyer, "Big Vlad", is often sending me job postings of companies he's working with that are looking to hire native-speaking foreigners at premium prices. It's fairly common that while these positions will pay below-average Western prices, they will be well above-average for here (think along the lines of an IT-type person who would command $10k+/month in the West, who will make $4-$5k/month here, meanwhile the average Ukrainian salary is probably around $500-700. It's like making $50k/month in the Western world.). Again, I stress that these are random and sporadic and you should not subscribe purely for this.

Exclusive access to my remote work jobs (if you are willing to work for peanuts and let me have a cut of your wages). I have an agency here in Ukraine that places Ukrainian workers with Western companies. They get paid a great wage for here, and the companies get employees at a great price. If you are willing to work in "local Eastern European" prices, it can be a great way to make enough income to fund your own journey to sovereignty. Often times, these clients want really strong English in their employees, and I've given several American friends living in Ukraine access to these opportunities. They might only make $1,000/month or so, but combined with another growing online business, teaching English, or other income source, it's enough to "make it" abroad. Again, this is not guaranteed, and are often periodical, so you should not subscribe to this newsletter just for this. 



Here's the nut in the shell...

"The Sovereign Press" is an $82/month premium newsletter delivered to your inbox every month (within the first 5 days of the new month). That's $2.64/day, which is cheaper than an average cup of coffee at Starbucks - thanks, inflation!

You'll also receive the numerous perks listed above, including both email and phone access to yours truly.

Simply put, if you are looking to become a sovereign and free individual, and are willing to put in the work, this newsletter is for you. However, it is not for most. The steps, methods, and ideas I teach inside will require real reflection, work, blood, sweat, and tears. It is not recommended for the penny pinchers (even though $2.64 is purty meager in the scheme of themes, like that cup of coffee you buy every day...).

Finally, while I do talk about Crypto and some investment ideas floating around in my noggin', you should always do your own research and I'm certainly not responsible if you get rekt yourself.

This newsletter is for those who THINK, those who DO, and frankly, those with the guts to go for it (increasingly rare in today's world).

If that's not you, that's okay. 

I'm sure there's a safe space for you out there somewhere in the world. 

But if that is you, click the "Join The Sovereign Press" button below. You'll receive immediate links to book a call with me right away, and to take advantage of your email consulting.

And, as mentioned, you'll receive your newsletter delivered straight to your electronic mailbox early in the month.

Your troublesome pal,

Kyle Trouble

Kyle Trouble

PS: If you think I missed something, keep reading...

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    There are absolute NO refunds. When you subscribe, you will be charged the price you see on the page. You'll also be charged this same price every 30 days. You can cancel anytime by emailing kyle@kyletrouble.com
  • Do you accept PayPal?
    Yes. Below.
  • How often do those freelance opportunities or jobs through your agency come up?
    Again, as already said, this is not a reason to join. The freelance opportunities are totally random, for starters. The agency usually has positions available but not all of them are passed on to subscribers.
  • I'm in crazy debt and think this newsletter might change my life overnight, should I go to my mum and ask for another loan?
  • I'm a lazy son of a bitch and won't do anything with the information, should I subscribe?
    Please don't.

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2/28/22 | 11:59PM

I credit Kyle often for helping me to be where I am now. I encourage anyone serious about earning money online to give him the opportunity to help you, too. I'm still using the things I learned from him every day."

Marty M.
(Now lives abroad off online income)

[Regarding some of my "money-making-methods"...]

"I tried affiliate marketing for about an entire year without much “success.” Almost all of my mistakes are addressed in Kyle’s Pro Niche Site course. Using his “watch over my shoulder” style, Kyle showed clever approaches and channels that I had never thought of with affiliate marketing and digital products. 

He also broke down how to REALLY select a niche (“fitness” is not a niche), how to analyze my competition, and most importantly, how to select and sell products. Kyle is equally helpful in office hours, and knows what questions to ask to figure out exactly what you are doing wrong in a 5-minute conversation. 

I’ve already taken a lot of his advice and am writing more and looking for new, more profitable affiliate programs! Even as someone who has been at it over a year, I learned a TON from Kyle’s Pro Niche Site course."

Kyle Milligan
Agora Financial Copywrtier